About Arianna L. Darden

As a third-year student at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, I have taken a myriad of courses that allow me to use in-class assignments and apply them to real-world phenomena. I have sought to gain everything I can from my education at Carolina, from fully immersive courses that required me to build fashion experiences for major brands like Fenty, Ferragamo, and Fendi to studying abroad in London, England one of the major media hubs in the world. As an avid learner of the media industry, I have capabilities that extend beyond the scope of Public Relations and Advertising.

Growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, I never thought that I, a Black woman from a low-income background, could be an artist. I draw a bulk of my inspiration and passion from childhood dreams and experiences. But with the increase of Black people in the creative space, I am learning how to polish my artistic skills to help turn my work into something more meaningful. My road to reinvention is still being written, but now I know no matter your background, race, and ethnicity anyone can be an artist.

Research, content creation, and experiential design are just a few of my hidden talents. I am constantly sharpening my skills so that I may be well-equipped to work in the industry. In the future, I plan on starting a company that houses clients such as influencers, athletes, and small businesses in an effort to take their social media branding to the next level. It is my goal that with the knowledge I have and will gain from UNC coupled with industry experience I will have all the necessary tools to thrive as a businesswoman.